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Our Home Defense Pest Control
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Program Outline:

Granular or Liquid Insect Control

Early Summer
Liquid Insect Control
Granular or Liquid Insect Control
Liquid Insect Control

$59.95 per visit

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10 Point Coverage:

• Perimeter of Home: With our barrier around your entire home foundation, we will prevent a wide variety of insects and pests to enter your home

• Foundation Protection: Damages such as cracks and crevices in your foundation are susceptible to many pests and insects.

• Entry Doors: These high traffic areas create easy access for insects and pests.

• Flowerbeds, Trees & Shrub: Insects are attracted to moist, shady areas surrounding the home.

• Wood Chips and Top Dressing (Mulch): Such areas invite insects and pest because of continuous moisture and dampness.

• Patios: These zones are vulnerable because of their extended structure and surroundings.

• Garbage Can Areas: These areas can attract high volumes of insects, pests and ants.

• Windows and Vented Areas: These openings lead insects to infiltrate the home.

• Air Conditioners: Drips and hoses from air conditioners increase the volume of insects.

• Perimeter of Garage Doors: Many home owners use garages as a secondary pantry, or as a storage area. This area lures ants and other insects.


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