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Visit 1 - Early Spring: Fertilizer with pre-emergence crabgrass control

Visit 2 - Late Spring: Fertilizer and broadleaf weed control as needed

Visit 3 - Early Summer: Slow Release fertilizer and broadleaf weed control as needed

Grub Control*

Visit 4 - Summer: Slow release fertilizer and weed control as needed

Visit 5 - Early Fall: Fertilizer with broadleaf weed control as needed

Visit 6 - Winterizer: Fertilizer with broadleaf weed control as needed

*-optional (recommended)


Insect Control
Lime-pH Soil Amendment
Core Aeration
Full Organic Program
Fungus Disease Control
Home Defense Pest Control
Traditional Flea & Tick Program
Organic Flea & Tick Program

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Right Lawn Care initiates six fertilizer applications throughout the season. These visits include spot treatments of weeds and crabgrass as needed. Our specialists will diagnose and treat any other issues during each visit, followed by watering and mowing instructions.

Crabgrass Preventive

Our spring treatment includes a crabgrass preventive, fertilizer, and treatment of any weeds. The crabgrass barrier guarantees good results throughout the growing season.

Annual Weed

Our second visit to your lawn will include a balanced fertilizer and a granular weed control. This will prevent many weeds from popping up, such as dandelions, herbits, clovers, carpet weed, spurge, etc.


Our lime application will help grass plants retain water and nutrients, as well as improving drainage on compact and clay soils. Our specialists will conduct tests to ensure proper pH levels in the soil.

Damaging Insects

During hot weather conditions, our specialists will properly diagnose any insect activity. We will apply any necessary treatments to control active insects.

Grub Control

Grubs may gradually destroy your lawn with unnoticeable signs, inflicting costs to repair or replace your lawn. Our grub control guarantees a lawn free of grub damage.


Due to pets, sports, playing, and foot traffic, the compaction of the soil may be overwhelming to your lawn’s health. Aeration associates with the removal of soil plugs out of lawn. If your lawn has a thatch level above half inch, aeration is an absolute! This will improve lawn’s ability to benefit from water, air and nutrients.


In order to keep your lawn thick and free of weeds, an over-seeding of our exclusive blend of seed will fill in thin, bare areas. For best seeding results, Right Lawn Care recommends to do an over-seeding with an aeration. This will allow new seeds to fall into holes perforated by the aerator.


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